Teya Conceptor
Is a new Polybrush

Enter $0 or more (to donate) and download free beta which will work until release.
In addition to improved tools, new version of Polybrush has a completely new interface and a new name.
Now this is not Polybrush, but Teya Conceptor.
Teya Conceptor is a 3d software for modeling in a few seconds.
Draw with 3d brushes from a huge library, make your own from your models and use Teya in your work together with other software.
Download beta version for free to start using it now. It’s also possible to pre-order release (at bottom of this page)

P.S. For those who bought Polybrush — licenses will work for Teya Conceptor too.
P.P.S. All of your wishes are in todo-list, but main part of Teya is ready for work.

Interested in trying cloud-based workflows?
Trial Teya on StratusCore’s Virtual Workstation for free

Try Teya Conceptor free for 3 hours on StratusCore’s Virutal Workstation. Just sign up for a free StratusCore account, set up the Workstation app, and create. StratusCore gives you access to software trials that are pre-installed in the cloud. All you need to do is sign up and connect.
Go to trial

Download older versions (Polybrush 2.x)

Download Polybrush

Polybrush is available in 2 editions
(current version is 2.2.5, windows only)

Full Edition


Lite Edition

90 Days Free Trial
$150 / lifetime
$25 / year
Always Free
Have no limits
Trial and license versions
is also the same
Very limited
— no brush library
— one object in scene
— 8 undo actions
Download Setup
Download .ZIP (portable)


Google drive:
Full Setup
Full Portable

Download Setup
Download .ZIP (portable)


Google drive:
Lite Setup
Lite Portable

Don’t forget that you need to run Polybrush as admin first time
(to start 90 days free trial)

Buy Polybrush License Key

1. Download Polybrush Full below, press «TRY» and check how it works on your PC with your tablet.
2. Pay for 1 year or lifetime Polybrush key on gumroad and remember email you entered

«I want this!» > Enter your info > «Pay»

4. Run Polybrush, enter your name and copy hardware-id
(better to use short english names)

5. Only after payment send your info and wait for license key at email
All keys generated manually special for you

6. Run polybrush as admin and register, this key will work for all Polybrush 2.x updates.
After that, you need to buy a new key (it’s associated with the fast development of Polybrush).

Any problems? Read FAQ!

Have a question or problem? Check this page

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