- Added "move" brush to favorites. As you should know, all tools can be easily made by users (FAQ). But for example, after numerous requests I added it to brush panel.
- Auto brush names for tool-brushes. This illustrates the flexibility of the brushes settings.
- Workplane and his arrows no longer twitches
- F1 hotkey to show welcome screen
- Ctrl+Z (Undo) for workplane. Also in response to requests. It still doesn't work perfectly, but I'm not sure this is necessary function. Is it so comfortable?
- X/Y/Z/XY Axis selection for workplane (hotkeys are 1,2,3,4)
- Fixed normals problem when using some sculpt tools.
- Removed feature "replacing pen pressure value to stroke length" (in the case of non-working pressure) so as not to confuse users.
- Removed function used to delete part of mesh(at Object panel) as long as it works too unstable.
For anyone who had a problems with crash at the start / beginnin ... Read more »

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For anyone who had a problems with crash at the start / beginning of drawing - try to download the new version. I found a computer with such a problem and fix it. Problem occurred because of openGL version, if so, the error will be displayed at the bottom.
I also added ability to link Workplane rotating to camera (use "cam" button at top panel) and add the program icon.
Everyone who have problems with antivirus - apparently this is beta version protector. I picked a clean program (my old game), defended it, and VirusTotal found viruses. You can calm down, this is the case.

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- workplane can be rotated by local Z-axis
- that's why "workplane reset" hotkey reassigned to [space]
- radial symmetry percent working with 3D brushes
- 2 or 3 passes switch for Remesh modificator (less artifacts)
- all 3D layers drawing afters 2D layers (it's necessary for drawing 3D model over 2D sketch)
P.S. Short video making of about alien shrimp


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- object modifiers can be applied to part of mesh (using radius and softness)
- brush *.bmp previews now saving to brushes\preview and deleting automatically. it's more handy, brush library includes only *obj files.
And a little video!


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- Added radial symmetry percent
- Angle allign when drawing by points (with shift)
- Drawing by points: pivots deformation fix
- Lathe tool: polygon count selection fix
P.S. Brush at 3-th screen completely done in polybrush

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