Polybrush 1.0 is released! Let me remind you that I'm doing 3D graphics since 12 years old, and now I am 22 and last couple of years I programmed at c ++ new software for 3D artists called Polybrush.

The main difference in approach to the creation of 3D models as a drawing. You just draw the model strokes, which are hanging in space. 3D brushes may have any form, including composed of several objects. A change in their trajectory, deformation and color may depend, for example, from the tablet pen pressure. You can select desired parameters and use your objects inside brush to make a huge library of brushes. More than a hundred brushes is already included in Polybrush Full Edition just for example.

There is also a brushes for sculpting, voxel tools and unusual tool for very quick drawing rotation bodies.

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The site is completely redesigned. I am waiting for your artworks in the gallery, and for brushes in the catalog. Now, all comfortable and tidy. You can also attach youtube videos and sketchfab 3d views to artworks in the gallery.

It's a pity that I can't transfer old forum. The new site uses a simple form to submit suggestions, like a guestbook.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for the tips about hosting.

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On Friday, May 27 at 21:00 Moscow Time a livestream with me, Arseniy Korablev, creator of Polybrush.

To see how to use Polybrush and opportunities of next version visit stream here:

That news mainly for Russian artists. Discussion will be in Russian, but in any case, you can just watch the video.

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Features (main)
- detailed help with animations for modificators
- autosaving (see 'file settings' window)
- log file, bugs in the program will easier to find
- beta test is extended again, I give you time to learn!

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In the near future new update with detailed help will be ready, every window, panel, tab and button will be described when you hover cursor. In addition I added animated icons for modifiers, also for help.
Last thing, I added logfile, errors will be easier to find.

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Features (main)
- new brush libraries UI: more compact previews, you can swap brushes between libraries, open few libraries together and more.
- textures : you can show images at workplane, drop it to scene, or assign to objects
- new modificators: uv, mesh relax/sharpen, remesh effects, etc.
- merge all layers/merge with previous
Bug fix (main)
- bones fix : you can use workplane, brush radius changes new bone node radius, node delete button
- radius dependency for range brushes
- normal cursor allign for sculpting tools
- workplane reset fix

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Interview about Polybrush for (in Russian)

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It's worth to show the progress of development new Polybrush version!
Polybrush 0.44 (release in end of April)
Sculpting becoming better (using surface normals), added handy panel with favorite brushes, you can access those brushes in any moment. Favorite brushes saving as _default.obj library and restores after restart.
In the end of last video (Acarus) I showed textures. It can be assigned to meshes using few simple projections (look at modificator stack at second screenshot). UV Blur modificator -for example when you add a new stroke, you can smooth out the UV coordinates so that the texture is slightly would chip at him. Also UV coordinates saves after remesh.
There are some problems with seams and export, so more I will not tell. Last thing I can say - textures can be used as background of workplane (for example, for references), and converted to textured planes in scene.

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Small interview about me and Polybrush in Russian.

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I made a small animation for example. Absolutely all models done in Polybrush. Animation and rendering in 3dsmax. At the end one you can see a small record of next version.


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