A small animation demonstrating the possibilities of modeling in Polybrush. All modeling is done in Polybrush, animation and rendering in 3ds max.

At the same time, Polybrush 1.7 is released. This free update contains many important internal changes in brush library, the program began to work much faster.

Download it here

Be inspired!

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New 3D Challenge! Create a character from a video game,
Polybrush licences for 1,2,3 places.
Waiting for your zergs ;)

Link to challenge page

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Polybrush livestream on ZBattle channel (in russian) is very soon!
05.03.17 (5 March, Sunday) at 18:00 (Moscow Time) Polybrush livestream in russian

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- Realtime rendering in viewport. Shadows, fog, few modes, color correction. Quality increases progressively (user can set maximum subdivs)
- Modifiers UI changed, it's became more easier and convenient. Categories buttons is instead of the table.
- New help ui. Tips become much better.

P.S. Livestream is soon, follow the news.

Download (updates are free, others can use 90 day free trial)


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Polybrush 1.5 released! Interface is changed very much. Brush library are now extends from the bottom, Workplane settings placed at left side. On the right side placed settings of all tool, replacing the brush settings panel. Fixed the problem of UI scaling on high resolution screens.

Now bones is not a tool, it became a mode. That means Polybrush have two modes: by points (bones) and drawing (as usual). Bones mode is convenient to make preciece forms, where you can also use grid to snap. Also there appeared a few new tools:

- "Surface" tool to create a surface between the bones, you can adjust the thickness,  smoothing, add waves. Useful to make machinery surfaces or cloth.

- "Pipes" tool to create pipes, armature, frame ... Read more »

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Brush library is changed and simplified, tags replaced to categories. Sorting has become more obvious and clear.
From brushes sorting interface remained only p and down buttons to move the brushes from one category to another, and a text box to create a new category. Empty categories are deletes automatically when you restart Polybrush.
Also double click on brush closes library.

Download Polybrush here:

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New free Polybrush update, you can download it here:

Main features are:
- "Free Lathe" Tool. New tool for hardsurface objects, makes rotation body between 2 lines.
- Reference box. Textured box around scene for comfortable work with references. Scale and position of every image adjusting inside polybrush.
- Workplane states saver. Now you can save workplane states with CTRL + 1,2,3..9 and select it after with 1,2,3.9 like troops in some RTS games.
- Updated UI. Font is changed to arial, added some shadows and outlines. Generally interface become much more holistic.

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New Polybrush update. Changed Lathe tool and ability to allign workplane by polygons.

You can download it here:

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Now everyone who had no time to try Polybrush can do it again with the 90-day period.

In a new update the modifiers UI is changed, it became more intuitive and convenient. Also some minor bugs fixed.
Download Polybrush here:
Details on the video:

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New Polybrush version (all updates are free)
Now all brushes stored at server, you can use brushes of other artists. Brushes are downloaded automatically, it doesn't affect program work (you can use it offline)
Of course you can mark your brushes as "private" and don't share them with others.
There also brushes sorting by tags and new ability to create brushes from images. You can use any image instead of mesh as brush form.

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