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8. Shinkamui   (15.07.2016 22:09) E-mail
Windows 10 Pro Insider on Surface Book. Im really anxious to try this, it looks like a MUCH better implementation of what Artform Curvy was attempting. I can't try it though, it crashes as soon as I try to draw with the mouse or pen. the log file doesn't seem to include anything related to the crash. Is there something I need to do to get it working, or send your way for support? Im using the installed version, tried installing to the default program files, and to c:\polybrush. I've run with administrator mode, as well as compatibility modes for 7 and 8.1. Same end result. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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7. Daniel   (14.07.2016 12:18) E-mail
Great job great software. I want to register once for all. How can I ?
Idea : kind of curve to define manually the thickness of the stroke along the path of the drawing, kind of envelope to deform afterwards , even if you do not have a tablet.
Another idea: saving sequences of obj files during drawing (using meshfoot like addon for blender) to make plant growth for instance...
Another idea: Forked strokes: 1 divided into 2,3, etc...with control on diverging angles...
Great job again !!! wink

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6. Nick   (08.07.2016 03:31) E-mail
Is this software available for the Mac?

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5. Lythian   (25.06.2016 18:28) E-mail
Hi. Its an awsome looking program, but i cant start it. the portable and the installer version. booth dont start up. would really like to test that programm smile

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4. Onyx   (17.06.2016 16:58) E-mail
Awesome tool! Can you make a newsletter so that we can be notified for the updates?

Also, the color palette takes lots of space right now, which makes sense to some artists but not all. The UI is already very friendly but can be even more friendly.

Great work, thanks for this amazing software!

3. Arseniy Korablev [arsdraw]   (06.06.2016 17:51)
I still haven't figured out how to make mac port, to early to think about VR.
Thank you for sugesstions, I started to making new workplane, keep waiting for new version, here is a preview smile

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2. Mike   (03.06.2016 21:37) E-mail
Any plans to incorporate the htc Vive? This seems like it would be a perfect fit for it, and would be AWESOME!!!

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1. ishan   (02.06.2016 23:57) E-mail
your whole idea of workplane seems wrong to me... actually it must be curve (example - a spherical surface with variable radius)
# so we can shift radius all the way to infinity for a plain, according to our needs
# also if possible separate X & Y curvatures wink

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