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1. Use admin rights to run Polybrush first time

2. Try Portable version

Maybe scaling of monitor in your windows is changed. Please set “Change the size of text, apps, and others items” to 100% under my display settings.

Use F5 hotkey (by default) or < button at Brushes panel to open Brush libraries

Change settings/Ui size value and restart Polybrush. If you want to reset all Polybrush settings, just delete "Polybrush\data\polybrush_settings.txt" file

Please download MSVCR120.dll and put it to Polybrush folder

1.Try to run as administrator
2.Try to reinstall tablet drivers
3.Try to delete MenuWnd.dll file in Polybrush folder
4.Try to put file to Polybrush folder


This copy protection software, it encrypts the program code. So some antiviruses can take it as a virus, but most popular antiviruses don't find the virus. Protector isn't written by me, I bought software for protection. Therefore, I can't change anything inside it.

Polybrush don't gather any information and don't send anything to web.
If antivirus don't let run Polybrush or delete it, only solution is to add Polybrush the exceptions.

I tried to protect other programs, even utilities from windows\sistem32 at licence windows. After protection some antiviruses found viruses inside them. In any case you can add Polybrush to exceptions and see that antivirus willn't notice any activity and infecting other files.

Apply "normals" modifier after if changing the "file settings" did not help

May be too old openGL, check openGL status
at bottom of viewport (since Polybrush v.0.421)

Now only windows version available. 
In the future, possible Linux and Mac releases. 
Android and other mobile versions is no in the plans.