Polybrush available in 2 Editions

Full Edition

$20 / year, (90 day free)

Lite Edition

Limited Free version

Unlimited amount of saved brushes
Online brush library inside Polybrush
Buy after try
Only one layer (object in scene)
No brush libraries (can't save brushes)
Undo history is limited to 8 actions

Polybrush doesn't start? Please run it with admin rights and press "Try" to start 90 day free trial
If you already bought Polybrush, your key will work with all 1.x versions
Read F.A.Q. and Tutorials if you have any problems!

Polybrush 1.7.1 Full - Installer (Recommended)

[ Download (5.99Mb) ]

Polybrush 1.7.1 Full - Portable

[ Download (8.80Mb) ]

Polybrush 1.7.1 Lite - Installer

[ Download (3.74Mb) ]

Polybrush 1.7.1 Lite - Portable

[ Download (3.50Mb) ]